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Teen Cyber Sex Addiction
Dear Parents,

Addressing a child or teen's addiction to cybersex and online pornography is difficult for all parents. Parents often feel shame and guilt which leads to a sense of isolation and confusion. Most parents believe they are alone and need to keep their child or teens problematic sexual behavior hidden. Parents generally tell me they believe they are the only family that has a son or daughter engaging in sexually compulsive behaviors or illegal/offending behaviors (such as viewing or creating pornography on the internet) associated with their addiction. With the dramatic increase in sexual content on the internet (400 million pages and counting), there has been a corresponding dramatic increase in online/cyber sex-related problems among children and teens, including addiction to cybersex and online pornography. Due to the lack of focus and expertise in the field of addictive online/cyber sexual behavior in teens, parents are often unsure what to do and where to turn for guidance.

Where Can You Turn?

I have developed a specialized therapy & recovery program to help children, teens and their families successfully address compulsive and addictive online/cyber sexual behavior, including illegal/offending behaviors and addiction to internet pornography. I specialize in treating teens ages 13-17 with online/cyber sex related problems and use a holistic approach designed to help teens learn to effectively cope with the behavioral, emotional, and social challenges that contribute to online/cyber sex issues. Teens who develop cyber sex and internet pornography addiction typically struggle with "offline' social and psychological problems and thus our program will help & focus on strengthening "offline" social and emotional problem-solving skills. I use an experiential and cognitive-behavioral therapy model that focuses on developing strengths and fully engages your child in the healing process and recovery.

Teens participate weekly in individual, family and group therapy and counseling. Weekly groups cover healthy relationships, healthy sexual behavior, communication, anger management, mood and anxiety management and substance abuse. Our program follows the treatment model developed by Dr. Patrick Carnes, one of the world leaders in the evaluation and treatment of sexual behavior disorders. Teen's use Dr. Carnes' book A Gentle Path Through the 12 Steps during individual and group sessions.

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