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Video Game Addiction Workbook
The "digital diet" and "cyber-wellness"
The Teen Cyber Pornography Workbook
Cyber Addiction Recovery Center Educational Products
​The Cyber Addiction Recovery Center offers a variety of educational products, materials and books that help parents and mental health professionals focus on the unique and challenging demands of raising a child, teen or young adults who has developed an addiction to the internet, video games and/or online pornography. On this page you will find educational materials and downloads, as well as books and workbooks. Free educational materials (click and download):

Video/Cyber Addiction Test (child/teen)
Stats and Facts on Technology Addiction
Guide to Parenting in Cyber Space
Guide to "Cyber Wellness"
"Digital Diet"
Stats and facts on cyber bullying
Stats, facts and solutions on teen "sexting"
Teenager's Guide to Cyber Porn and Cyber Sex
Educator's Guide to Video Game and Internet Addiction
Summary and Commentary: Harvard's Berkman Center for Internet and Society
Fitness Program for "Tech" Addicted Kids
Wilderness Program for "Tech" Addicted Kids
Individual/Family/Group Therapy for "Tech" Addicted Kids
Autism and Technology: The Toxic Connection
The Impact of The Internet on Adolescent Mental Healtth
Internet Addiction in Teens
Are you concerned that your child/teen has developed an addictive relationship to gaming or the internet? Order our workbook for teens at
Parents who are concerned that their teen is addicted to video gaming now have a workbook that offers practical solutions. Order this workbook at
Video Game Addiction Workbook
Here is a set of guidelines that will help your child or teen achieve a healthy balance between online and offline activity.
A clear and practical workbook written for teens to recover from addiction to cyber pornography. Order this workbook at