Cyber Addiction Recovery Center 

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Cyber Addiction Recovery Center Services
Fees per session:

Individual Therapy - $175.00
Family Therapy - $200.00
Home-Based Intervention - $125.00
(two hour minimum)
Wilderness/Fitness Group - $125.00
Addiction & Support Groups - $60.00

Initial Free Phone/Skype consultations available

Visa and MasterCard accepted

Sliding scale available
Is your child, teen or young adult addicted to the internet, video games, online pornography?

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The Cyber Addiction Recovery Center has unique expertise in the biological and psychological causes of technology addiction (video games, online gaming, internet surfing, online pornography, smartphone overuse) and the impact it has on child and teen's social, emotional, and academic development. We help families achieve a complete understanding of the negative consequences of compulsive internet & video gaming behavior and provide the most current and effective therapy & recovery techniques to promote a healthy, balanced and meaningful life for children, teens and their family.

Therapy services:
• Individualized child/teen/young adult assessments
• Therapy for co-occurring psychiatric conditions (ADHD, OCD, depression, anxiety disorders)
• Individual therapy (child/teens)
• Family counseling
• Home-based interventions
• Group (therapy and support)
• Experiential therapy (wilderness and fitness groups) 
• Life skills and vocational coaching
• Continuing care services to promote long-term change & recovery